When we start tweaking Windows operating system to optimum performance and speedup the processing, we change, disable services and running processes. You can create a single place to take control on different activities and option in Windows 7, and then tweak them accordingly to get windows-7-tweakbetter performance with same hardware i.e. without upgrading your current hardware like RAM, Processor or Hard Disk. Specially netbook users with installed RAM (Random Access Memory) of 1 or 2 GB may try this tweak to speedup the netbook performance.

There are so many Windows 7 tweak software available to download for free, but here we will discuss a free utility available in Windows 7 to create single place in Windows 7 to control basic activities and lot more. “GodMode” is a secret option available in Windows 7 thru which you can have all controlling option in a single folder and from there you can tweak Windows 7 features and options to get more out of current hardware configuration.

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How to get “GodMode” folder in Windows 7

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– Rename the folder as “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” (without quotes).

– Now you can see the folder icon changed to a “Control Panel” like icon. Enter into the folder, and there you can see lot many control options available in your current Windows 7.

You can click any of them and change their values to get better performance. Apart from doing some optimization thru “msconfig” option, you can try GodMode in Windows 7 to optimize for better performance. In the GodMode folder, you can find options like display, default programs, drivers, administrative tool, AutoPlay, Ease of access option, Folder Options, Fonts, Network and Sharing, Internet Options, Personalization etc. You van change and update these application from this new GodMode folder.

Note: Windows 7 GodMode tweak works in Windows 7 Starter Edition as well. In case you are having a netbook with Starter Edition, you may also optimize the performance for your Windows 7 netbook. Some people reported issues with 64 bit Windows 7, but I find it smooth on Windows Ultimate 64 bit as well.

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