imageIf you have to open media player and play some specific song on that then no need to use mouse or keyboard, just say “Start Media Player”. Yes, this feature is provided in windows vista where it is called as “Speech Recognition Option”.

There are lot many other software like Dragon Natural Speaking etc which can be used on Windows XP to do the same, but in vista it is already there in the control panel. Don’t be confused with “Speech Recognition Option” of Vista and “Speech” of Windows XP.

Speech Recognition Option in Vista Control Panel:

Once you will click on the “Speech Recognition Option” in the control panel, the below attached screen will open where you will have to setup the microphone first and then can opt for a speech tutorial. There are certain commands which can be recognized by the machine. For example, To awake the “Speech recognition program from “Sleep Mode”, you will have to say “Start Listening”.


Write on a notepad without typing the words, just dictate those words using a microphone and it will be typed on the notepad automatically.


There are certain limitations for this program, as sometimes it will not accept the correct words as well or even it will type some other word. A that time be patient and dictate the correct word regularly. It takes at least 7 to 8 days to educate the system on your voice.  Once the machine will start recognizing your words, it will work properly.

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