Windows Vista or 7 is having Sidebar feature where you can have some important apps like calendar, clock, slideshow, RSS reader for easily access them. Now Twitter users are increasing day by day and there are lot many ways to tweet frequently. There are lot many desktop applications to tweet, for example TweetDeck. But if you are using Windows 7 / Vista, you mat start tweeting from the desktop without even opening any application. Start tweeting from your windows sidebar using Twitter Sidebar Gadget.

TweetZ is a windows sidebar gadget which will show your recent tweets and tweets from the people whom you are following right now. It also provides you a box to tweet from sidebar only. If you are not familiar with Windows Sidebar, you may go thru the article I posted sometimes back,

Effective Use Of Windows Sidebar And Gadgets Can Increase Productivity

Now install the gadget file on your PC and then you would be able to select this TweetZ gadget from the gadget list and put that into your sidebar panel. The gadget panel will look something like the image below:

TweetZ Sidebar   TweetZ Sidebar Gadget

Here is the screenshot taken from the TweetZ page where you can see different options and features available on TweetZ gadget to start tweeting from Sidebar of windows.

TweetZ Screen

Twadget is another application to start tweeting from the Windows Sidebar. You can also use or bookmark buttons to tweet from your browser, but if you want to just update the status with some quotes, real time activity then you may use TweetZ sidebar gadget to do that without even opening your browser or desktop application.

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