Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) at MWC (Mobile World Congress), Barcelona. Team showcased Windows 8 running on multiple devices including tablets and normal monitors. One of the main attraction was 82-inch big touchscreen with Windows 8 running on that.

82-inch touchscreen panel is from Perceptive Pixel company owned by Jeff Han of CNN. He explained that the giant 82-inch touchscreen panel used to showcase Windows 8 in action was using the latest technology developed by the company for smooth touch operation. Seeing Windows 8 on this giant screen is definitely a great experience and imagine zooming on Google Maps or even playing touch-panel games like Angry Birds on this panel. The touchscreen is actually a projected capacitive display which can actually handle unlimited number of simultaneous touches at a time.

Metro Style Apps of Windows 8 are looking really awesome on this giant screen.

Regarding this giant multi-touch professional looking screen, the company’s official page says that

Our state-of-the-art pro-cap controller makes the touch so responsive that even a tap from a fingernail registers. Near-zero parallax and ultra-low latency combine to deliver a completely natural touch experience that feels right. Whatever you touch moves precisely when and where you want it to—without hesitation. Slender yet powerful, our 82″ multi-touch display puts a world of potential at your fingertips.

It is visible in the video as well that the touch operation on the panel was very smooth and natural. Imagine that kind of giant multi-touch panel in your living room where you can play with your friends and family. Even that kind of touchscreen with Windows 8 running on that would really look great while giving a presentation in offices or somewhere else.

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