If you are still using Windows XP on your PC and not planning to upgrade that for time being then go ahead and optimize it to get maximum operating speed with same hardware configurations.

windows_xpThere are lot many Windows XP Optimizers available to download for free but here are some of the best Windows XP Optimizers thru which you can boost the speed of XP without changing RAM or Hard-disk. There are lot many other ways to speed up Windows XP but here we will take a look on application and Services.

1. Thoise Quick Windows XP Optimizer

It is a Windows XP Optimizer thru which you can automatically optimize your windows XP setting to get maximum results. It also clear all cache and unwanted data from your machine to make it fast.

Download Thojse Optimizer

2. Game XP

As the name suggests, it is build for gaming purposes. If you are using your older PC and wanted to start a heavy or bulky applications like Games then start Game XP first. It will optimize your XP setting in such a way that memory and other services will be tweaked for the game for that period only. Once the Game XP will stop, everything will come back to normal.

Download Game XP

3. Services Control

For optimizing windows XP, you can take a control on Running Services by allowing and stopping them. Services can be found under “Administrative Panel” in Control Panel of your PC. Here is the recommended list of service which should be running and it also have the list o services which should be stopped.

Take a look on Services

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