We use Internet mostly for information and there are few unavoidable sites that mostly occupy our browser tabs like Google Search, Encarta, Wikipedia, Amazon, Maps, and Translators etc.

These websites are actually the tools that make convert the data into information and bring to us! But the page we are working upon is a different page like say we are reading an article with some words that are difficult to understand. So to find out their meaning we always have to go to some search engine or Wikipedia or some translator.

How if you select the word and your browser gives you the option what information you want about that word? Either you have to translate it or you have to search it on Google or you have to map it with Live Maps (if the word or group of words represents an address) or you have to simply mail it. This sounds good, doesn’t it? This is the new ‘Accelerator’ feature in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta version.

How to use the feature:-

Select some text on the page opened on the browser and click on the blue accelerator  icon. You will get some options like below


Now download the browser (which is free) and go on digging the feature and adding the accelerators you wish!

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