Google’s mobile operating system Android is getting popular day by day. There are 100s of Android phones available in market and even lot many companies are making announcement about the latest Android phones from their side. Number of daily activation of Android phones now reached to 300,000 per day which is much bigger than Apple’s iOS and RIM’s BlackBerry. According to the co-founder of Android, now Google is activating 300,000 Android phones per day.

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androidIf the numbers are correct, then Google is serving around 10 Million new Android phones per month which makes them market leader in mobile OS. Now there may be some competition between Symbian and Android numbers, but I don’t think still Nokia is activating more than 300,000 Symbian phones per day.

That means, Now Google is the market leader in Mobile OS and that number may grow in future as well. Response to Android phones are really awesome and even tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab and recently launched Notion Ink Adam will also add new users to Android community.

Here is the tweet about this update by Andrew Rubin,


Update – As per the recent update from Google, Android is now profitable for the company and most of the revenue comes from Advertisements.

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