If you are running a forum on your blog as we have installed PHPBB forum on Internet Techies for technical support and help to our readers, then you can use Google Adsense program for monetization thru your forum similar to your blog. Ads placement in forum is bit different from Blogs as here you need to handle the threads for better placement of Ads.

PHPBB forum has different templates and the default template is “Prosilver” which is really good template for a forum. Now I need to place an adsense ad of size “468 x 60” after the title of the first thread under each forum. To do that, go to the “Styles” tab under the Administration section of the forum and then click on “Template” tab in left panel. Click on the “Edit” button besides the template currently you are using on your forum. Now select “viewtopic_body.html” from the template file dropdown. Find “BEGIN postrow” in the template file and then paste the below code before the “postrow.MESSAGE” code under that flow:


Note: Change the PUB ID and Ad Slot in above code to your PUB ID and Ad Slot.

Now each thread under your forums will have a 468 x 60 size adsense ad after the thread title and forum user details but above the content of that particular thread. Here is the screenshot taken from “Internet Techies Forum” where you can see an adsense ad running just above the first thread content.

Screenshot: Adsense on Forum

Adsense on Internet Techies Forum You can also place ads in header and footer section of your forum by editing the “overall_header.html and overall_footer.html” from the template file dropdown under styles tab of Administrative section.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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