Adsense Ads revenue thru Adsense is one of the most trusted way to generate income on a blog or a website. It makes your life easier by providing well targeted ads related to the content of your blog. If you are using Adsense and not getting the return as per your expectation then try the below mentioned simple changes in your blog and you will see the change.

1. Place Ads On High Click Area Of The Blog

websiteheatmap High click area is a region on your blog where the user spend most of his time and there are couple of links over there where user is expected to click most of the time. High click area depends on the template used for the blog but some of the general high click areas are,

  • Above the Post content and below the post title – which means between the post title and content
  • Below the Page navigation or Category
  • Just above the comment section
  • In sidebar, just above the recent or popular posts box
  • Bottom of the sidebar

If you are a wordpress platform user, then you can us HeatMap plugin to find out the high click area on your blog.

2. Try To Use Text Type Ads


There are different types of ads provided by Google Adsense where you can choose from Text, Images, Video etc. Images type ads provide only one link by taking so much of space on your blog. But text ads provide more link which means more options to the user and that’s why the chances for hitting the ad increases. As per my experience, the eCPM value of text ads are bit higher than images.

Try to put text ads above the post content and in sidebar. You can use the image ad on sidebar and header section of your blog.

3. Get The Cost Per Click For Keyword Before Writing The Post

The Adsense provide ads based on the keywords on your blog and if they not have a high value of cost per click, you will not get a good return. In that case, you should check the keyword on some online services where you can see the Cost per click for that. For example, the cost per click for financial terms are relatively higher than internet and computers,

Keyword Cost per Click
Insurance $0.96 – $16.00
Microsoft Word $0.58 – $1.78
Chrome $0.43 – $1.15
Data Recovery $1.35 – $22.58


4. Try To Get Viewers From Search Engine Rather Than The Social Media

People who lands on your blog from search engine hit the ads more than the bloggers or professionals. Always try to write a post for normal internet surfer, they have the potential to click on the ads. Traffic thru Social media doesn’t have that much eCPM value and that’s why you will not get your expected return. Do the SEO for your blog such a way that it should appear on first 2 pages of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. Use All in One SEO plugin on your wordpress blog to populate the keyword, title and description for each post.

5. Use Similar Theme For Ads And Blog

Google Adsense provides a little bit of customization of ads to its user. You can change the font style, background etc of the text ad from your Adsense control panel. Try to customize the ads such that it should look like a part of your post or blog.

6. Use A Bigger Font For Link Ads

Link ads are very simple ads with a clickable link on anchor text. Try to use a bigger font for those link instead of using more and more links. Which means, if you are having 600px space to show the links, then use only 4 links and show them with bigger font rather than using 5 links.

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