Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google where one can start a blog within 5 minutes without any investment. Once you started blogging on a particular niche of your choice, why don’t you try to monetize that blog using Google Adsense.


You can insert Google Adsense Ads on Blogger blogs on a single click. To do that, you need to have a Google Adsense Account. You can enrol for Google Adsense account using same ID and Password of Blogger i.e. Google Account. Once you will enrol to a Google Adsense account, you will get a PUB ID over there. You can see your PUB ID at below location,

Google Adsense ==>  My Account ==> Account Settings ==> Property Information

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Now login to your Blogger account and then go to the “Monetize” option. Choose the layout in which you want the Ads to appear. i.e. you can choose whether you want ads in Sidebar or Posts or both. Placement of Ads on proper location is very much effective in monetization, so place Adsense ads by doing some kind of analysis. Click on next and then you can select the Google Adsense Account from there. They will also show you the PUB ID over there, Always confirm that the PUB ID shown over there is yours only. PUB ID is like Account Number of Bank Account, So the Adsense income will appear in the PUB ID used for showing Adsense Ads. Save the changes, and go to your Google Adsense Account. Since your Ads are getting served on Blogger blogs which is treated as Partner Website as it belongs to Google. You will have to approve the partner website access for your Google Adsense ads to show those Ads on Blogger. There is no risk associated with this step.


To approve the partner website access request made by Blogger, follow the below steps,

Google Adsense ==> My Account ==> Account Access ==>

Once you will approve the request, you can visit your blog where Adsense Ads started serving with your blog content. Google Adsense is a CPC kind of advertisement where you will get paid whenever any visitor will click on the ads served on your blog. You can track the Adsense income on your blogger account itself by clicking on the “Monetize” option.

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