There are lot many ways of monetization thru blogs or sites and the most important thing is the manner in which you want to monetize from your blog. If you don’t want to show lot many image ads, text link ads etc. and want to be more focused on content, then you can even monetize with that as well.

asterpix Asterpix is a content discovery system which shows more contents from your own site or network sites and show some tags, keywords from them. Whenever visitor will click on those keywords, it will land them to a search results page. There they will see search results for that particular keyword taken from your own site or sites selected by you. Now visitor may find some other interesting post of yours or he can click on the advertisements shown on that page. If he clicks on advertisements, you will get paid for that. eCPM for this service is really good.


So basically you are turning your visitors to see more content from your side or show them more options thru advertisement. In both the case, you are getting benefitted. So turn your visitors into monthly revenue thru this small but effective service.

Process for creating the tag box is very simple. Enroll yourself on Asterpix and then create a unit as per your choice. You can choose the size and layout of the box. Now get the code and paste it on your site template on proper location. As on Internet Techies, you can see that box at the end of every article. Since the Ad slot below the title is the best place for Google Adsense ads, that’s why you can use this Asterpix box at the end of the post.

Try a search tag or keyword from below attached box to get a feel of this service.

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