Related Posts Slider WordPress Plugin

Related Posts Slider WordPress plugin

Related Posts Slider WordPress plugin

List of related posts at the end of content or in sidebar let the visitors explorer similar posts from the blog. What if those listed posts appear in a slideshow with image from those posts. That will definitely attract visitors to click on the post to read more, and in that way the pageviews will increase on your blog. Many of us use links or thumbnails to showcase related posts, but how about having a box with movable or sliding contents. In case of thumbnails, you add very limited number of posts as related content, but in slider, you can add as many related contents as you want. As you know, showing related content on a post increases keyword strength which is good for getting more traffic from search engines.

Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with a plugin named “Related Posts Slider” to show related posts in a slideshow on self hosted WordPress blogs. Related Posts Slider (RPS) will showcase related posts on different locations in your blog in a slider format where visitors can click on the link in left panel and see excerpt and featured image from that particular post in right panel. As our focus in this plugin is to showcase related posts in a sliding format, so worked on that only.


We have not worked on getting related posts as there are so many plugins available for the same purpose. For using “Related Posts Slider” on your WordPress blog, you will have to useYet Another Related Posts Plugin” also known as YARPP plugin or WordPress Related Posts Plugin (not both, just use one of these two) which is available for free on WordPress Plugin Directory. We picked YARPP because it is the most used related posts plugin with maximum customization and options. In future upgrades, we will try to make “Related Posts Slider” compatible with more related posts plugins like WordPress Related Posts.

Features and Benefits of Related Posts Slider plugin

1. Showcase related posts in slider format, either in news style or in horizontal carousel format
2. Arrow navigation to see more related posts, so add as many related posts as you want
3. Complete CSS customization from settings panel
4. 2 Pre Styled CSS provided with the plugin, one for dark colored theme and other for lighter theme
5. SEO benefits of showing more related posts on the post content page
6. Compatible with YARPP plugin and WordPress Related Posts Plugin
7. Widget option available for Related Posts Slider
8. Shortcode option to insert “Related Posts Slider” in between the content of a post
9. Translation ready

Adding related posts slider on your post content page will increase pageviews as well as the average time per visitor on blog.

1. If Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) plugin is already installed then go to step 2. If no, then install and activate YARPP plugin on your WordPress blog
2. Download “Related Posts Slider” plugin and upload on your WP server at location “wp-content/plugin” folder thru FTP
3. Activate “Related Posts Slider” plugin from “Plugins” page
4. By default, the preview slider of related posts will start appearing automatically by end of the post content. You can change the placement of the slider from below the content to above the content or manual insertion from the plugin settings panel.

In case of manual insertion, You need to add the below piece of code in single.php (in most WP themes),

<?php if(function_exists('get_related_posts_slider')) {get_related_posts_slider();} ?>

Now you can see the related posts appearing in a slider format at the location preferred by you.

As Shortcode support is available in Related Posts Slider, you can use the below shortcode anywhere in the post content to add the preview slider of related posts.


You can customize the “Related Posts Slider” width, height, background and foreground colors, font size etc. from the plugin settings panel. For more information on that, read the plugin customization details.

Frequently asked questions for Related Posts Slider

Q. Related Posts are not appearing on the slider. Why the slider box is blank?

A. If the slider is not showing any related posts on the content page, it means YARPP is not able to pick related posts. You should customize the YARPP settings to select related posts properly. As YARPP is having threshold values and number of related posts options, you will have to set proper values to get related posts. To check whether YARPP is able to get related posts or not, the best way is to open the post in edit window and see the YARPP box which shows related posts in a list format.

Q. There is no change in the layout and design of related posts showing thru YARPP. Why so?

A. Even if you are using YARPP on your blog before installing Related Posts Slider, you will have to change the template code from YARPP code to Related Posts Slider code to get the posts in slider format.

Q. Is it compulsory to install “Yet Another Related Posts” plugin to install and add “Related Posts Slider”?

A. No. You can also install ‘WordPress Related Posts Plugin’ which is a bit lighter for the server (utilizes less resources) in case if you do not wish to use YARPP. Related Posts Slider is compatible with both the plugins.

Q. Is widget option available in Related Posts Slider?

A. Yes, Widget is available for RPS. You can add the slider in sidebar or any other widget ready area on your WordPress blog theme.

Q. Related Posts Slider is showing duplicate posts as the related posts. Any help?

A. Latest version of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) i.e. V3.2 is having a feature of related posts cache. Because of that, YARPP is showing duplicate posts as related posts and as Related Posts Slider takes the posts generated by YARPP to show them in slider, RPS is also showing that bug. But you can solve this bug at your end by adding &action=flush to the end of YARPP setting’s URL, read more about the fix for issue on this page.

Version 2.0 (02/26/2012)

1. Fix: Upgrade to go with YARPP latest version i.e. version 3.4.3
2. Feature: Now you can specify number of items to scroll at once in Horizontal Carousel format of RPS

Version 1.3 (02/05/2011)

1. Feature: Now supports “WordPress Related Posts” along with YARPP
2. Feature: Added new slider format i.e. horizontal carousel using jCarousel jQuery plugin
3. Fix: Shortcodes (like “caption”) were appearing in slider excerpt in preview section, fixed that.
4. Feature: Made the plugin translation ready

Version 1.2 (02/13/2011)

1. Feature: Now supports “WordPress Related Posts” along with YARPP
2. Feature: Added new slider format i.e. horizontal carousel using jCarousel jQuery plugin
3. Fix: Shortcodes (like “caption”) were appearing in slider excerpt in preview section, fixed that.
4. Feature: Made the plugin translation ready

Version 1.2 (01/30/2011)

1. Upgrade to go with YARPP upgrade i.e YARPP 3.2. Do upgrade if using latest version of YARPP

Version 1.1 (01/29/2011)

1. Fix – Sometimes below content, the slider was not getting atatched. Rather it was showing [rps]. This was when the content contains shortcode at the end. This update fixes the issue.

Default style CSS of Related Posts Slider

For Dark Color Themes – Dark Codrops CSS Color

Horizontal Carousel Format

Related Posts Slider Horizontal Carousel

Important!! => Before installing this plugin, install either
1)Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (also known as YARPP), which is freely available on WordPress Plugin Directory. YARPP is one of the best related posts plugin for WordPress blogs and sites.


2)WordPress Related Posts Plugin, which is also freely available on WordPress Plugin Directory. WordPress Related Posts plugin consumes less server resouces than YARPP but also has fewer options to pull the related posts as compared to YARPP.

Download Related Posts Slider 2.0

1. Compact News Previewer
3. jQuery JavaScript Library
4. WordPress Codex

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