Related Posts Slider Plugin Settings and Customization

There are lot many customization options available in “Related Posts Slider (RPS)” plugin. Once you will open the settings panel of the plugin on WordPress dashboard, you can see different sections like Overall Slider Settings, Slider Title, Thumbnail Image, List Section, Preview Section and Automatic / Manual Insertion. I will explain each section in detail.

Overall Slider Settings

When you will activate the plugin, by default the “default” CSS (stylesheet) will be selected. Thru this section, you can set the slider stylesheet, Slider height, Number of posts per slider page, Slider Foreground and Background colors, Border Thickness around the slider and colors on hover for boxes. Apart from first two options, other options are not available for custom stylesheet. As you will have to make those changes like foreground – background colors, hover colors etc.  in custom stylesheet only. For example, you can see only 2 option in this section when dark-codrops CSS is selected.

Slider Title

This is the customization section for title above the slider box. For example, you can write “Related Posts” or “Related Articles” or “You may also like” as the title above the slider box to let the visitor know about that section. You can customize the color, font style and size of that title from this section.

Thumbnail Image

Thumbnail image which will appear in the slider will be controlled from this section. You can set the width and height of the thumbnail image from here. You can also set the preference or priority to pick the image for slider thumbnail. By default, every option is selected but the priority is from top to bottom. As you can see the width option is in percentage where 100% means full width of preview section in the slider. You can align the thumbnail image in left, right or center of the preview panel.

List Section

List section is the left side panel of the slider where related posts are listed. If you have selected to show 4 posts from the “Overall Slider Settings”, then list section will show 4 posts listed one below other. You can control font style, size, color and number of words for list section from here.

Preview Section

In the right side of the list section is the preview section where you can see the preview of each post listed in the left panel. Preview will show the title of the post, excerpt and thumbnail. To read the full content of that post, click on “read more” button. You can change the text “read More” to more suitable title as per your need, that option is available in this section only.

Manual / Automatic Insertion

When you will install and activate this plugin, the preview slider of related posts collected from YARPP will start appearing at the end of content on each posts. That is automatic insertion of the slider into the post template. You don’t need to add any piece of code in theme template files in case of automatic insertion. You can change the placement of slider from below the content to above the content of posts. Or you can choose to manually insert the template tag of “Related Posts Slider” plugin at any place in your theme template.

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