Alexa – A web information company is a venture of where you can see the traffic rank of each and every website or blog. This traffic rank shows the popularity of the website and the traffic coming to the pages of the website. Here you will learn each and everything mentioned on the Alexa page like Traffic Stats, Keywords, Time on site, Search etc.


Here is the screenshot of Alexa Traffic page of where I will let you know the details about each and every tab and option provided on Alexa page.


                                                            Traffic Stats

1. Traffic Rank

Based on the pageviews and users hit on website, here you can see the different ranks for different time span for example yesterday, in last 7 days, in a month or so on. The Alexa traffic rank for a website is considered as average traffic rank in last 3 months. You can see that the average traffic rank for last 3 months for is 741 which is the current Alexa Traffic Rank for them.

2. Reach

This is a percentage value of all internet users who reached to, of course this value would be very very small. Because there are lot many Internet users and a very little part of that comes to Mashable. 

3. Pageviews

Again a percentage value, where it shows the percentage of total pageviews on Internet which comes from

4. Pageviews/user

This is the daily pageviews per user. It means how many pages were viewed by a single user in a particular time span.

5. Bounce %

This is a percentage value which denotes that how many people landed to and left their domain on a single visit.

6. Time on Site

Daily time on by a Single user.

7. Search %

This is the percentage of visit on which came from Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

                                                              Contact Info

This is the Contact Information of the owner of the blog or website. For, it is as,

Pete Cashmore
San Francisco, CA
contact [at]

Here you can also see the about section of the owner. To turn on this page, you will have to claim the site by login to Alexa portal.


Here you can see the review about where different Alexa users can provide their feedback and experience about the domain and also will give star rating out of 5 stars.

                                                              Related Links

Some of the links related to the domain appears here. For example, In case of the related links which appears are,






Alexa claims that If you like Mashable then you will also like these links.


Some of the top keywords which helped Mashable to get this traffic rank. Here you will see the keywords from your blog which are top performing.


This is an Upstream and Downstream page where you can see the pages from where user comes to Mashable and then the pages where user went from Mashable.


This demographic information page will let you know the distribution of visitors based on different categories say Age, Gender, Education, Browsing Location etc. This is really helpful in targeting different categories and checking the results accordingly.


Where people go on Domainname

If you have different subdomains or pages on your blog then here you can see the pages and domain distribution where most of the users are going. This section appears below the stats.

Domainname users come from these countries

Country wise distribution (in percentage) of users and traffic are provided here. You can see that why country is driving most of the traffic to your blog and what is the percentage of that traffic.

Domainname traffic rank in other countries

Checkout your domain’s traffic rank in different countries and then start targeting them accordingly. If you want to target United States, then start writing posts accordingly and then populate keywords which are used in United States. If you want to drive traffic from countries using other languages then provide the translation option on your blog.

Average Load Time for Domainname


This is the average load time of the pages from your website or blog. In case of Mashable, it is showing this value as “Very Slow (16.102 Seconds)”. Since Mashable experience a huge traffic on daily basis and they are also having lot many content and effect on their pages, that’s why the value is appearing as “Very Slow” but you should try to minimize this value for your blog to get it crawled properly on search engines.

                                                            Alexa Widgets


You can get the Alexa Widgets for your blog which will show your blog’s Alexa traffic rank and links on your blog or any other webpage. If your blog is having a good alexa rank and number of links then go ahead and show off that using this widget. Here is the link for Alexa Widget Page.

Some of the tabs in Alexa Traffic page are only visible for sites with Traffic Rank under 100,000 so if some of the stats are not visible for your domain then no need to worry at all. Just try to diver as much as traffic you can and start building some good content on your blog to get more and more links.

Happy Blogging.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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