Google is the main source of traffic for most of the sites and search engine optimization (SEO) plays vital role in getting that. There are lot many myths about SEO which doesn’t work or creates confusion for webmasters. But here is a SEO Report Card created by people from Google for good SEO practice by providing a report card of Google’s Product pages (taken as example). With the help of this Report Card and description provided in this Ebook, one can understand SEO in a better way.

google seo report card 

Google’s SEO Report Card is a nice work done by Brandon Falls, Adi Goradia, and Charlene Perez where they have explained different terms of on-page optimization and search result presentation. They have explained simple points but believe me they are very much effective in getting traffic from search engines like Google. For example, Post Title and Description tag plays very important role in getting traffic. WordPress users may use All in one SEO plugin to achieve the same within minutes. Even your post is appearing on the first page of SERP, if that is not having proper title and description, people will avoid your link to click. There are lot many tips like this is available in this 49 pages PDF.

Download Google’s SEO Report Card

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