Smooth Slider – Multiple Sliders Usage

Smooth Slider 2.2 has a new feature so that you can create multiple sliders and selectively include a necessary slider on the required page or post.

How To Create Multiple Sliders

On the Smooth Slider settings panel, at the near bottom there is a new option added ‘Enable Multiple Slider Function on Edit Post/Page’ checkbox. Tick this checkbox if you want the ‘Multiple’ slider feature enabled for your blog/website.


After you save changes, at the very bottom you can now see the ‘Create Slider’ tab.

createEnter the new ‘Slider name’ and click Create New.  The new slider would be successfully created and you can see a separate tab for that slider at the bottom of the settings panel.

new_slider_tabYou can create ‘n’ number of sliders and delete them at any time.

How to add Post/Page to different sliders and display different slider on different post/page

Once you enable the multiple slider feature from the Smooth Slider settings panel as shown in the above illustrations, your new post/edit post/page screen will have the the Smooth Slider options as follows:-


The above screenshot is for the Edit Post/Page panel or Add New Post/Page panel. You may find these options at the bottom of that panel.

Most Important : Do not forget to

If you wish to display Smooth Slider on any post or page using the above option, please do not forget to include the Smooth Slider template tag on that page template or single.php (post template) as follows:-

How to display specific slider on Category archive or tag archive or blog home page(having index.php or home.php as template)

Obtain the Slider ID of that specific slider from the Smooth Slider settings panel. And then you can use the below template tag

where ‘4’ is the Slider ID as per on the Smooth Slider settings panel.

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