We all know that Facebook is the place for socially addicted people and we spend so much time accessing it. We make friends, share pictures and videos, post comments and show our like and dislike. But if you want to know the statistics or facts related to Facebook then you should know where to go. Facebook is having a dedicated page for statistics related to itself. Go to this page and checkout the details.


Whopping numbers related to social networking giant

  1. More than 400 million active users
  2. Average user is having 130+ friends
  3. 500 billion man minutes spend each month
  4. Average user connected to 60 pages
  5. 70% Facebook users are outside the United States
  6. More than 1 million entrepreneurs and developers from 180+ countries
  7. 550,000 active applications on Facebook
  8. 100 million active users accessing Facebook from Mobile Phone
  9. 25 billion content shared on facebook each month
  10. Over 300,000 users helped Facebook translate the site in 70+ languages

In serving pages, there is no doubt that Facebook is ahead of any other social networking sites. As per the report in January this year, Facebook serves 470 billion page views per month. Facebook is having more than 50,000 server to hold and serve this much data.

As per the Google Ad Planner, here is the screenshot of the data showing for Facebook as on February 2010.


Facebook is serving 17 times more pages than its nearest competitor “MySpace” which is serving around 27 billion page views a month. These stats are more than sufficient to declare Facebook the leading social networking site and one of the popular site worldwide.

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