Facebook is rolling out the new Smart Lists feature which will automatically arrange your existing friends into three different categories. Your friends will come under Co-workers, school buddies and people who live within 50 miles (approx. 80 KM). Currently Facebook offers the option to create separate lists of different friends and then share updates with limited people by selecting specific list. Now Smart Lists will create three different lists automatically and then you can share stuff with the specific list of people. This new auto-list feature is more or less similar to the Google+ circles but there you need to drag and drop the friends to specific circle like Friends, Family, Acquaintances etc. This manual work is not required in Facebook Smart Lists.


Facebook Smart Lists will allow you to send customized messages to the people in these new lists. For example, you can send updates related to meet-up or a party to the list of people who live within 50 miles. That message will make sense as those people can do something to take part in that party or event.

Smart Lists is only available to selected FB users and is expected to become available for everyone very soon. This new feature will help you narrow down the list of friends and will help you in connect with different people in different way. Expect this feature in your Facebook account by end of this month.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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