Short URL Services are growing day by day. Thanks to Twitter’s 140 Character link sharing, facebooknow people have to use short URL service for that. Social Media platforms are growing rapidly and people needs to share link many time on many places. That’s why Short URLs are now part of Internet life. Based on this success and benefits of short URL, the social networking giant : Facebook has launched their own short URL service named in Action


How to use

When you will type in address bar, It will take you to Currently this service is activated on limited basis where people who are using facebook on mobile i.e. will share the link thru Their links will automatically get converted into link.

Facebook URL shortening service is also active on Usernames. For example, my username on facebook is mishra.sanjeev, so you can access my facebook profile at or you can access Internet Techies page on facebook at and become a fan.

Accessing Facebook Usernames thru


Google has also released their own short URL service as which is currently limited to google products like Toolbar and Feedburner. Current Leader in short URL service is which is having some nice features related to stats and sharing but the competitions is building really fast and coming from giants like Facebook and Google.

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