Facebook Places is launched and there is lot many buzz around it. Even TechCrunch reported that Facebook Places is having a number “4” (Four-Square) in its logo. But as now Facebook Places is Facebook Placeslaunched, you need to look at the privacy settings available for the same. Important privacy settings include few things that you can control about your Facebook account so that your wall or profile page will not look like a spam. What are those privacy options and how to control them? Here are the 3 privacy settings that you may choose to control as soon as possible.

1. Places I check in (Whom to share with)

This privacy setting is very important for those who are having thousands of friends on facebook and most of them are not from the same city or country. In that case, there is no need to show them your current location until you go to their city or country. And that’s why you should select few people (close friends) with whom you should share your current location after checking in. To select few friends only, go to Facebook Privacy page and click on “Customize Settings”. Now you can see the options as “Places I check in” under Things I Share section. Select the option “Customize” from the dropdown and then select “Specific People” under “These People”. There you can add your facebook friends with whom you want to share your current location after check in to places.

facebook privacy

Once you will click on “Customize Settings”, you can see below option under “Things I Share” section.

facebook places i check in

facebook places choose specific people

2. Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in

On a particular place, once any of your friend or facebook user or selected people from above step Checked In, he or she can see the list of people already checked in over there. Under “People here now” section on each place, one can see the list of people already present at that place. If you want, you can stop your facebook account from being part of such list even if you are there at that place. I would recommend to use first privacy setting (Places I check in) properly and enable this option so that at least your friends or selected people would be aware of your presence otherwise there is no use of Facebook Places.

facebook places include me in

3. Friends can check me in to places

This is really really important. If you enable this option under “Things other share” section of Privacy page, your friends or selected people can tag you or check in you in a particular place. That means, whether you are there or not, they can check in you and show that you are also available on that particular place. Again, the first step is very important in this case as well, so if you trust all your friends in your facebook friends list then only choose “Friends Only” in the first settings explained above or choose specific people for that purpose.

facebook places friends can check me in

What to choose in Facebook Privacy Settings of Places

As there are 3 important privacy settings as I explained above. If you are thinking what to choose in those settings to use Facebook Places effectively, here is my suggestion to make your life easier.

1. In places I check in (whom to share with), select customize and add only close friends and friends who are here in your city or at least country.

2. For Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in option, keep that enabled

3. Enable “Friends can check me in to places” option so that your friends can also shout about your presence.

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What do you think about above privacy settings? Are you willing to use Facebook Places or you will keep using Foursquare? Share your thoughts about the above privacy settings for Facebook Places.

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