youtube_logo Annotation is a feature in YouTube to attach an information or a link to a video. That message will appear in the selected area on the video and will blink on hover as well. Viewers can click on the link provided on the information like sticky notes and get redirected to the linked video.

If you are an author of a video on YouTube and you have already uploaded another video of same niche then you should definitely provide the link for that video on the current one. This way you can provide another relevant video to the viewer and get more views as well.

There are four type of Annotation available on YouTube and they are,

  • Add Speech Bubble: You can add a speech box (something like cartoon speech box) to make a point related to a particular character, keyword or section from the video.
  • Add Note: Very simple annotation to provide a note related to the video. This is kind of sticky note where you can write something special going on on the video.
  • Add Spotlight: This way you can highlight a particular area of the video. When the viewer will hover his mouse over that area, he will see that a bit highlighted and covered. A message will also popup at that time.
  • Add Pause Annotation: You can add a pause annotation to stop the video at that time only.

You can provide a link to first three type of annotations, there is no option for link in “Add Pause Annotation”.


In the below attached video, I have used “Add Note” type of annotation thru which you can go to another video and watch that. You can change the color of the text and box by selecting the color.

Video From YouTube Channel

This is a video uploaded by me on YouTube and it is having a link to my another video of mine;  “Create Favicons”. This way I can redirect my current viewer to my another video. Go ahead an apply annotations on your YouTube videos to provide some information, highlight a section or link to another video.

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