Do you sometimes feel an urge to post a tweet longer than 140 characters or say are you posting more than one tweet for a single purpose just because a tweet can consist maximum 140 characters? If you can post a picture to twitter using twitpic, then there should be a way out to attach some longer text to your tweet. A service named Twitlonger will help you out for your longer tweets. With Twitlonger, you can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted to your Twitter account.

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It uses OAuth for authentication, so they do not store your password. They have pretty decent privacy policy as well for the text data that you are posting. So I dont think the privacy policy is the issue.

How it would go in short

1) Go to twitlonger official site and click on ‘Sign in with Twitter’


2) Allow  twitlonger to connect to your twitter account, it does not store your password anywhere, so it is safe


3) Write your ‘Long’ tweet and post it


4) This is how the tweet looks on twitter


5) When anyone clicks on the short url, he would be able to see the complete text that you have posted.


This actually goes against the whole concept of a tweet, which should definitely be short. So, you should definitely try to make your tweet less than 140 characters, but there are times when we at Internet Techies also feel to post some text greater than 140 characters to twitter. And definitely, it is very few times. So so not often break the twitter philosophy, but yes you can utilize it more with twitlonger. Also, there is one note, i.e. the developers do run their small adsense code which the reader will see when he/she opens the short url to read the complete text. But that is not so bad, as the developers need some source of revenue to keep this cool development going on in future.

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