Facebook is one of the perfect place for branding where you can create Fan page for your company or website and feed people with updates and promotional stuff. On the new Facebook Profile, you get a space just below the information to show tagged photo thumbnails. You can use that space for branding your own company, website or any product that you are endorsing or related with. Earlier we had shared a way to embed HTML code on profile to have twitter and website logo, but this is very different and smart way of promoting your website or brand name.

People are prompting themselves with creative super profiles but if you prefer to brand your company or website along with your own picture then here is a solution. On my Facebook profile, I am promoting my own company and personal technology blog “Internet Techies”. Most of my friends are aware of the same but to show you how does it look, here is a screenshot of my FB profile,


It is very simple to create this kind of banner for branding on Facebook. Follow the below mentioned steps to have this on your profile page as well.

1. As the space is showing 5 different photos placed after each other in a manner that it becomes the name of my company. First of all, have the complete picture or logo or banner with you.

2. Resize the complete banner to 485 x 68 pixel (width = 485 pixel). Now you need to split the picture in 5 different pictures of size 97 x 68 pixels where 97 is the width and 68 is the height of picture. You can use slices on Photoshop to perform this activity or you can use any photo editor or screen grabber for this purpose as well.

3. Upload all 5 photos on your Facebook by creating a new album or in older one

4 Now you need to place 5 photos on Tagged Photo Space in such a manner that it becomes the same complete banner again. I am assigning all 5 photos a number to recognize them. For example, the photo which should be placed in left most corner is named as 1, then comes 2, then 3, then 4 and the photo which should come on right most corner is named as 5.

5 Now you need to tag your all 5 photos with your name. Here you need to follow proper sequence to place them on correct place. Start tagging with photo number 5. And then tag photo 4, then 3, then 2 and at last tag the photo number 1.

Done. Now you can see your brand banner appearing on profile’s tagged photo space.

Web Application to do it for You

If you don’t have time to create small pieces of specified size then here is a free web application to do the same for you. Use Pic Scatter to have the small size photos of your complete banner by just uploading the same. You can adjust the look of the banner before getting into 5 pieces. Actually you can use this application to create super profile as well, but it works fine with branding on tagged photo space as well. Once you are done with the adjustments, click on “Download Pictures” link available on bottom-right corner of the web application. It will save a zipped folder on your local machine, Unzip and get the pieces. As now you are having the photo pieces, its time to follow the same smart tagging process specified in the step 5 of above (manual) process.

Similar branding on Facebook Fan Page

Unlike Facebook profile page, the tagged photo space on fan pages randomize the photos on each load. That means you can’t place 5 photos in a specific manner and have complete banner. That’s why it is suggested to have a pattern on Facebook fan page which looks similar in any order.

Warning – In future, if any of your friend will tag you in their own photos or any other photo, that will replace your smartly places banner thumbnail. To get the complete banner back on profile, you will have to click on cross button on top-right of the newly tagged thumbnail appearing on tagged photo space to remove that from that space. This will not affect the tagging done by your friend but will resume your website or company banner on profile page.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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