After Gmail, Facebook included HTTPS security on entire facebook website. For the encrypted way to send data specially passwords and credit card information, you can see most of the ecommerce sites having HTTPS instead of HTTP in their website URL i.e. address on the address bar on browser. There you can click on the green box just beside the address to see the SSL certificate which shows that you can safely type your password and other information. As of now, Facebook is having HTTPS page for the pages where you enter password on Facebook but now onwards, you can choose to browse the entire site in HTTPS.

Why HTTPS Security necessary for Facebook?

The chances for stealing up of cookies and the account and identity of the owner in process of some of the popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you enter your personal information on the Facebook or other sites that are offering HTTPS, it will keep your data encrypted and provide it with great security.

It will protect your account from hacking and keeping all your data safe. A browser extension called as Firesheep has made it very easy to get your credentials and freely access to your account. This issue can be easily solved by HTTPS by encrypting the login cookies and other data.

Steps to Enable HTTPS Security for Facebook:

To enable secured browsing i.e. HTTPS browsing for entire Facebook, you will have to enable that settings from the “Account Settings” page on Facebook. Go to the “Account Settings” and check the box saying “Browse Facebook on a secured connection (https) whenever possible”.


Now access Facebook as a secured site without any worry of revealing your data.

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