Newly launched social networking platform by Google is already having 26 Million users. Yes, I am talking about Google Plus which has revolutionized the social networking even when existing players like Facebook and Twitter are already growing in positive direction. Features like Hangout and Circles are really cool and even Facebook copied few features as the recent launch of Smart List and Video Chat with Skype integration. As the number of users on Google+ is growing day by day, now this is the time to check the sex ratio on this social network.

Total population on Google+ is 26 million, out of which 18 million are men and 7.7 million are women. Rest 20% of Google+ population have chosen their sex field as “Other”. Other?? Anyway, this stat gives us the sex ratio on Google+ as per 1,000 boys there are 430 girls only on Google+. Yeah, Google+ is a male dominated social networking platform.
Here is the comparison chart of sex ratio on popular social networking platforms on web.

Social Networking SiteGender in Percentage Sex Ratio
Facebook45% Men and 55% Women1,220 Girls per 1,000 Boys
Twitter48% Men and 52% Women1,083 Girls per 1,000 Boys
Google+72% Men and 28% Women430 Girls per 1,000 Boys
Gender details on social nwtrokign sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Here is graphic showing Google+ facts like demographic details, top 5 people on Google+, top 10 countries, occupations and companies on Google+ community.


Thanks IdentyMe for providing this information graphic.
Yes, still Google+ community has to grow a lot to reach the balanced level of sex distribution ratio. Share your thought on Google+ community and tell us whether you still use Google+ for networking with your friends or you came back to Facebook and Twitter.

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