Do you sometimes feel the need to share your PowerPoint presentation or an excel spreadsheet created on your computer with your friend or friends on Facebook? This can be a business document  that you need to share with your business colleagues on Facebook or it can be a personal file that you wish to share with your friends and family or it can be a general document representing you or your business which you wish to share with everyone visiting your Facebook profile.


Microsoft Docs is a easy to use solution developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Facebook which can be used to create and share your Microsoft office documents with your Facebook contacts. Built using Microsoft Office 2010 – Docs for Facebook provides the best possible document service for the Facebook environment. It is definitely a very good competition to Google Docs, for those who are mostly active on Facebook and need a online clouding and sharing service for the office documents with seamless Facebook integration. It is still in beta mode currently, but it works like wonders. It supports three kind of Microsoft office documents:-

  1. Microsoft Word Documents
  2. Microsoft Excel Documents
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint Documents


After logging in, You can upload or start doc online, have someone help you edit it, incorporate feedback, and then share it with the world.


You can decide who to share with, you can create it and keep it private, share with one friend on Facebook, or give a few contacts edit access for collaborative document creation or you can make it all public. 


Docs can be viewed and edited directly within a web browser – or, with a single click, you can edit them more richly and powerfully through  Microsoft Office on your PC or Mac. Also, if you do not want to share the document with anyone, you can still use the service to save your documents and then share them whenever you need in future.

Getting Started Video For Microsoft Docs

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