facebook placesFacebook has started rolling out Facebook Places thru which you can Check In to your favorite restaurant, Mall, cinema Hall etc. and may find your friends over there as well. Facebook Places is an application like FourSquare thru which you can shout about your current location and let your friends know about that. In case any of your friend is there at same location, they may contact you and then you both can share a light moment together. Thru Facebook Places, you can tag both of you and shout about your meet up.

Of course Facebook Places is going to eat up market share of FourSquare which was the most popular online Check In service.

Here is a video demo of Facebook Places showing why do you need a Check In service.

Facebook Places is available on Facebook application on iPhone and touch.facebook.com. If you mobile device is having a HTML5 supported browser, then you can try opening touch.facebook.com on your mobile device browser.

Enjoy Facebook Places and share your thoughts about the same.

Note: As Facebook is still rolling out the application, “Facebook Places” link is not working right now. It will wok once FB Places roll out will be done for your location.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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