You can access your home/office PC real time by using these remote access desktop tools. That will allow you to get rid of uploading the files, huge emails and data transfer. You can directly work on your distance PC by using one of them.


Very popular remote desktop access tool with following features in hand:

Remote Sound: Hear email notifications, check web based voice mail or listen to music and podcasts from your remote computer.

Drag & Drop: Seamlessly drag and drop files and folders between connected PCs.

File Transfer: Move files quickly between PCs.

Remote printing: Print the pages from remote system



Step – I

To access the remote computer, you will have to create a VNC server on the remote computer. You can access the details about “How to setup the VNC server” for getting started. This is an open source remote desktop access tool.

Step – II

The below mentioned screen will appear on your machine to connect the system to the remote server which is nothing but the VNC server of the remote desktop.


Step – III

Once connected, you will see the below screen which is nothing but the remote desktop screen.



This is very similar to the LogMeIN software. Very simple and easy to use tool for remote desktop connection.

Features of the TeamViewer are provided in the link below:



Windows Remote desktop connection

This is the simplest remote desktop access tool which comes with the Windows itself. You need to follow the link below to access the Remote desktop connection.

Start / Programs / Accessories / Communications / Remote Desktop Connections


iRemote PC

This is also very simple remote PC access tool where you don’t have to create any server. The features of this tool are mentioned in the link below:

Features of iRemote

Please let us know your views regarding the remote desktop access tools. Please shoot your questions in the comment section.

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