Google Buzz is really cool social media platform and lot many people has already started using it. In fact, we created a wordpress plugin for Buzz button to make it easier for visitors to share posts from different sites. If you are using Google Buzz and want to make your life bit easier by not always logging into your gmail account then you can use Google Buzz desktop client (application). Thru this application, you can update your Google Buzz and receive updates from others to whom you are following thru your account.

A Spanish Geek released a desktop application for Google Buzz which is done by emulating the iPhone version of Google Buzz. UI of this desktop application is very much similar to iPhone version. But as we told you earlier, you don’t need to login to gmail and then Google buzz. Just login with your Google ID and start buzzing.


Features of Google Buzz Desktop Client

  • Application updates in every 2 minutes
  • Platform independent performance. Use on any platform
  • Ready for some APIs. It may provide more features in coming days
  • Emulating the iPhone version experience on Desktop/Laptop

 Download Google Buzz Desktop (GBD)

By Sanjeev Mishra

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