When you are on move and carrying important data in your flash drive, then you should have the portable version of essential software like Anti-Virus, Office, Password Manager, Browser, PDF reader with you. In that case you don’t need to worry about the machine which you will get in your new place. You are familiar with some platform, then you should carry them.

Transcends_Jet_Flash_2GB_Pen DrivePortableApps is a free bundle application which will help you in managing the portable version of software in a flash drive. Once you install the “Portable Apps” (size ~ 35MB for light bundle ) in your flash drive, a pop-up will appear which will show you the list of portable software which you are carrying the flash drive. I installed the Light application of PortableApps which is having PortableApps

  • Mozilla Firefox (browser),
  • Thunderbird (email),
  • Sunbird (calendar / task),
  • Clamwin (Anti-Virus),
  • KeePass (Password manager)
  • Sumatra PDF (PDF Reader)
  • Sudoku (Game)
  • Cool Player (Audio Player)
  • AbiWord (Word Processor)
  • Mines Perfect (Game)
  • Pidgin (Instant Messaging)
  • Open Office.org (If you go for the standard download, you will get this in your flash drive otherwise you will have to install this platform separately)
  • You can install any other portable software in your flash drive using PortableApps. It will automatically add that software in the PortableApps menu.

Suite and Platform of PortableApps

As we talked earlier in this post, the PortableApps comes with three suites,

  1. Platform Only
  2. Light
  3. Standard

The details about these version are explained in the below mentioned screenshot where you can see that the main difference in these versions is the number of ready portable software (size),


Installation Procedure for PortableApps

  • Download the Platform or Suit as per your choice
  • Click on the downloaded .exe file and you will get the below mentioned screen where you will have to locate your flash drive. In my case it was G:,


  • Click on the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. It will take around 4 minutes (in case of light bundle) to get completed.
  • You can see the space required as 94.8MB for Light suite, it means you should go for the light suite only if you are having a flash drive with more than 256MB space.
  • Once the installation get completed, the pop-up menu mentioned at the start of the post will appear which will have the menu of the software installed in your portable flash drive.
  • Now you can carry the portable software with yourself in a that flash drive.

Add another software to the flash drive2823841098_5f31359a17

The PortableApps.com Menu can automatically add applications in PortableApps.com Format. Just download the file you’d like to add (like FileZilla Portable, Chrome Portable for instance). Then, in PortableApps.com Menu, click Options – Add a New App – Install and then select the Chrome Portable .paf.exe file you just downloaded. The PortableApps.com Menu will automatically install it to the proper location for you.

That’s all and your flash drive is now more powerful and bundled. You can use chrome like software on any machine to get the fast access to the internet or carry your own password manager to anywhere. This will help you in making a good impression on a presentation day when you will use your own software to explain the things in a better way.

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By Sanjeev Mishra

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