Programs which starts automatically at the time of system bootup and login, may slow down your computer at start. To make your computer fast, you should configure those programs which are set to start at system boot time. You can control the startup programs using msconfig command to make system faster but there is another program by Microsoft to provide more options to users. That program is named as “Autoruns”.

Windows Taking so much time to Start Autoruns is a utility to control and configure the startup programs and let user choose the program which should start. Thru Autoruns, you can control the startup for browser (Internet Explorer), logon, Winlogon, Scheduled Task, Services, Print Systems, Codecs, Drivers etc. This is way beyond the “msconfig” systems.

In Autoruns, there is an option to hide the Microsoft and windows entries so that you can avoid stopping any critical programs by mistake. To use these features, go to “Options ==> Hide Microsoft and Windows Entries” or “Options ==> Hide Windows Entries”.

How to Start and Stop Programs at Startup thru Autoruns?

Autoruns is not an installable programs which means you have to just download the program and hit the EXE file to start he application. To stop the service or program, uncheck the box beside that program and to again start the program, just check the box again.


Autoruns is a light weight (581KB) application and the recent version is v9.57. Go ahead and download the application from the link provided below.

Download Autoruns from Technet Microsoft

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