In daily work life, we come across lot many documents in different formats, and sometimes we need to convert them in another to open on our PC or send that in different format to our clients. If you need to convert a pdf document to other formats like Text, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF etc. then here is a very simple tool to do this for you. This tool also does the vice-versa that means, you can convert pdf to doc, doc to pdf, pdf to text, pdf to html, html to doc, doc to docx etc.

Document-Conversion-ThumbConvert Doc is the tool to convert pdf to text, html, doc, docx and other formats in no time. This is a small (~ 8 MB) software for Windows OS user. You will have to download and install this application on your computer to start the conversion.

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You just need to select the format of source file and then select the final format that you want after conversion. Now locate the source file on your computer, and rest will be done by the Convert Doc software. There is a simple demo of this software explained in this video tutorial.

There are plenty of other services available for this kind of conversion of documents. For example, In this article we had explained how to convert Word documents into PDF. There are web services as well to convert pdf documents online. So it depends on the requirement and the situation where you need to convert documents from one format to another.

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