If you are maintaining lot many computers on a single network and you need to copy lot many files from one computer to another on same network then here is the solutions to do that in batch. This scenario may appear at the time of backup operation from each network computer.


Remote Batch Copy is a free tool to complete this task in batch. This tiny tool will ask you to locate the network computers on your Workgroup and then you can set the copying operation as per your desire. The most important thing is that you can schedule the operation on windows to complete the task on weekly or daily basis. This is extremely useful in case of daily or weekly backup.

How To Work with Remote Batch Copy

First of all you will have to add the nodes i.e. computers on which you have to do the operation from the available computers on your network. Then you can start adding source files from the pre-decided location and then provide the destination folder to the pre-decided location. Once you are done with the copying process schedule then you can click on the “Start Copy” button at the bottom of the window. That will start the copy operation in batch i.e. one by one copy.


Locate destination for Copy operation:


You can take a break for that period and do your other tasks. Once the copy process will complete, you will be notified by a prompt saying that your copying process completed.


If your need is to schedule a particular copy task on daily or weekly basis, then go ahead and save the copy task from the configuration menu. Now open the control panel from your Windows and click on the “Administrative Tools” to get Task Scheduler from there. Click on Task Scheduler to schedule the copy task using Remote Batch Copy. 

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