Bing is having lot many new and fresh features and one of them is their background pictures which are real but unbelievable. I am a big fan of Bing’s pictures and sometimes I open Bing to see the latest one over there. If you want to download that picture and set that as a wallpaper on your computer screen then there are lot many software available to do the same. Even you can use Firefox to download the pictures by following the below mentioned path:

How to Download Bing’s Pictures thru Firefox

Open Bing on Firefox ==> Tools ==> Page Info ==> Media ==> Select the Image from list ==> Click on Save As to Save the Image File ==> Set that as Wallpaper by right clicking on that image


This is a manual process to download the image and set it as wallpaper. But here I am talking about a software which can automatically download those images and set them as wallpaper. You can schedule the rotation as per your choice say Daily, hourly etc.

Software: Download Bing’s Picture and Set as Wallpaper

Bing4Free is such a software which can automatically download the picture and set that as wallpaper from Bing’s home page. You can select the country for which you want to open the Bing’s page and image. For example, If you will set the country as “United States” then it will take the current picture of United States Bing’s home page and set that as wallpaper on your screen. Here is the screenshot of Bing4Free,


Problem with Bing’s images is the size. Bing’s images are 958 x 512 px in size which is much lesser than the screen size. You can use the stretch feature or windows thru Desktop Properties (Appearances) but that will reduce the image quality by certain amount. Anyways, If you still want to use Bing’s images then go for Bing4Free software for automated process.

Download Bing4Free (Beta)

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