The social networking site “Facebook” turns on the “Like” button by using which you can tell your friends that you liked the post, thought or anything what they are sharing with you. Here is the screenshot of my Facebook,


Facebook has just completed it’s 5’th birthday and going great by adding these features. They are borrowing features from Friendfeed (another social media) to compete with other social networking sites. This is what Facebook has to say about the new button “Like”,

We’ve just introduced an easy way to tell friends that you like what they’re sharing on Facebook with one easy click. Wherever you can add a comment on your friends’ content, you’ll also have the option to click “Like” to tell your friends exactly that: “I like this.”

This is similar to how you might rate a restaurant on a reviews site. If you go to the restaurant and have a great time, you may want to rate it 5 stars. But if you had a particularly delicious dish there and want to rave about it, you can write a review detailing what you liked about the restaurant. We think of the new “Like” feature to be the stars, and the comments to be the review.

Good going facebook, and we are expecting to get facebook on mobile as well. Om Malik talked about that recently in his post on GigaOM.

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