kplato Project Management is very important part of running a business. Whether you have just started your company or doing some freelancing job, you need to have a project plan in hand which should be shared with the client as well for work transparency and estimate. There is a project management application which comes with Microsoft Office but that will cost some amount to your company. You can use a free tool for your project management which is really nice and handy.

KPlato is a free tool for project management and it looks similar to the project management tool of Microsoft Office. You can allocate resources, define task and then let KPlato schedule the task according to the availability of resources. You can reschedule the project at any point of time. Here are the features of KPlato.


Features of KPlato

  • Create a project plan similar to Microsoft Office Project
  • Get the schedule based on task complexity and resources availability
  • Reschedule the project at any point
  • Compare different schedules of the project based on resources availability
  • Enter task progress in percentage
  • Use resources residing in different time zone

Download KOffice (KPlato is a part of KOffice)

KOffice is currently available for Linux but the windows version is expected to release in a month or so. Share your favorite project management tool which you use on daily basis in your work.

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