Evernote We already talked about screen capturing tool SnagIt which we uses for lot many times on our blog posts to show screenshots but here we will provide you information about a cross platform free screen capturing tool which can be used on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre etc. We are talking about Evernote which is a free tool for screen capture.

Evernote is one solution for everything related to screen capturing. This tool can be used a web clipping tool as well. You can add effects to the captured screenshots to make them cool. Here are different options used on Evernote:

Evernote Downloads

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Free Web Clipping

You can take a clip of web page using online Evernote. To do that, you will have to drag a bookmark icon from the Evernote page or you can install Firefox extension to do that. Once you will click on the bookmark icon, it will ass you to register yourself. Complete the registration and again click on the link in bookmark bar. Now you can take the screenshot from that and the screenshot will be saved under your account on Evernote. You can edit that captured screenshot over there itself and download that to your local computer.

Drag the below attached link to your bookmark list,

                                                          Clip to Evernote

Screen Capturing on Windows or Mac

Download the installation file for Windows or Mac and install Evernote on your computer. Now you can use it in similar way to other screen capturing tool.

Screen Capturing on iPhone

Screen capturing can be done on iPhone, Windows Mobile or even Sony Ericsson X1 and Blackberry. To install Evernote on iPhone, get it from the App Store. It is available over there.

 Evernote on iPhone

We had already discussed a very simple Firefox extension for screen capturing. You can take a look on that as well.

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