When you start managing your hard disk space on computer, the most important thing is to find out the culprit folders. If you are having lot many folders in a drive, then that may take too long to clean them and get some free space, but if that drive’s folders are sorted on basis of their size, then it will not take much time to cleanup your disk. As there is no “Sort folders on basis of size” is available by default in any version of Windows, that’s why you will have to use third party software to do the same. Sort by Size options in there in Windows for files but not for folders. So, here are some awesome tools to sort folders in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computers.

Disk Space Fan – Analyze Hard Disk Space

A wonderful tool to show used and free disk space thru a pictorial diagram. It shows the folders in a drive or sub-folders of a folder sorted by their sizes. By using this tool, you can have a picture of distribution of disk space in different folders. Once that is done, you can pick up the culprit folder and start cleaning that by sorting the files inside that folder by using “Windows default” sort button.

Disk Space Fan

Download Disk Space Fan

Folder Size – Freeware (Sort Folders on Size)

This is another disk analysis tool thru which you can have a detailed page for each folder showing lot many information including folder size. Based on the data provided by this tool, you can analyze folders in your drive or any network shared folders as well. Once you are done with that, you can start cleaning up the files and sub-folders after that.

folder size

Download Folder Size Freeware

Folder Size for Windows XP

It is an older version of Folder Size only applicable for Windows XP. As the explorer of Windows Vista and Windows 7 is very different from Windows XP, it doesn’t work on Vista or 7 but it works smoothly on Windows XP. Again, you can scan your hard disk drives or network folder to get the list of folders with huge size and start cleaning up them.

Download Folder Size for XP

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