The new version of the iPhoto will include facial recognition software called Faces and geotag enable feature called Places. Details about the features are as below:

Faces: The facial recognition software Faces will work as you need to put a name to a face and Faces will recognize other photos with the same face as that name only. So if you have 500 photos of your girlfriend in iPhoto then put a name to one picture and others will automatically named as the same.


Places: This feature will enable you to put a geotag to each photograph. That geotag will be attached with the google map to show you the location where the photo was taken.

Now IPhoto is also supporting Flickr and Facebook  uploading. I like this facelift of iPhoto because now you can do so many things with your iPhoto album and you can share them thru Flickr or Facebook to enhance your social community.

To know more about iPhoto, click here.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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