Mozilla has released the improved version of Thunderbird as Thunderbird 3 which is having lot many new features and a cool look. Thunderbird is an open source email client where you can manage multiple email IDs.


New Features included in Thunderbird 3

  1. Tab options for opening mails in different tabs
  2. Email Search result open in a new tab
  3. Message Archive to store your mails outside the inbox  without deleting them 
  4. Add-on Manager to install add-on for different purposes
  5. Simple Mail Setup box. enter name, email Id and Password to setup your account
  6. Attachment Reminder will find out word like attachment in mail body and remind you for attaching the file
  7. Improved Security and Privacy options

Screenshots of Thunderbird 3

==> Open emails in different tabs like Firefox or Chrome browser


==> Simple Account setup box. Enter name, Email ID and Password to setup your account


==> Install add-on to change the look of your Thunderbird or add other functionalities


Download Thunderbird 3

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