If you are looking for a simple yet powerful video editor for your computer running Ubuntu, Windows or Mac, here is a free open source video editor. YouTube is having a native editor but for local editing, we need a video editor. In video editing tasks, you need to merge files or sometimes you need to handle so many video formats. Depending on the requirement, you may need to create DVD from AVI files or Merge MP4 or MPEG formats and so on.

Avidemux is a free open source video editing tool available for Windows, Linux including Ubuntu distribution and Mac OS. It supports AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4, ASF file types and many more. Features like filtering video and audio file is there in Avidemux. It also uses so many codecs to encode or decode video and audio files.

Popularity of Avidemux:

Considering the simplicity and the advantages of Avidemux, it has become so popular that it has been downloaded nearly 4 million times in the last year. There are about 80 percent of the users who has recommended this program out of the 500 reviews that are been received. One of the main reason why it has gained so much of popularity is due to ease of operation and it is available for free. Also there is support that is provided to the users through forum and there is documentation and information that is provided for installations and configurations.Also as there is an open source code that is available to the public, so one finds it easier to find the simple errors and to fix them.

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Limitations of Avidemux:

It becomes really confusing when one wants to edit a video that time the user needs to remember the file types as well as the format for the video as well as the audio. During such situations it becomes complicated as well as the difficult task. Also when one tries to edit a video with high resolution then the program experiences some errors.

Basic features for editing video files are available in this application. Cropping and Resizing a video or audio file is much easier with this free video editing tool. Try the same and share your thoughts.

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