Is it worth to invest a huge amount in Microsoft Office Home or Student 2007, If one can replace that with Open Source Office Suites like Open Office.Org or other available options?


Budget concerned people specially students who always run out of money should go for Open Source Software like Office suite to fulfill their need. Below mentioned is a list of some really good Open Source Suite options which can be used as an alternative for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.

Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math


GNOME Office

Word, email Publication, Spreadsheet, Database Connectivity Free

Lotus Symphony

Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet Free


In India, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 is priced at Rs. 3945/- which is having the same product in that.

If you are having Broadband Internet Connection (High Speed) then use free Online Office Suite like Google Docs, Zoho, OpenGoo etc as well. There are lot many options like file sharing, online meeting, forms creation, documentation, spreadsheet provided over in these tools.

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