tools_computer_optimizationWhether you are a hardcore gamer or a normal computer user, you expect fast performance from your computer. Latest versions of browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome consumes too much memory and if you try to run applications like Skype or even Microsoft Office at the same time, you may face sluggish operation on your PC. It can lead to frustration and you might start thinking about upgrading the RAM, Processor etc. of your current configuration and that will cost you.

I would recommend to try performance booster software before upgrading the configuration of your system. Actually when a computer runs on certain operating system say Windows, It continuously runs few services, programs and processes in background even if they are not required to run. That means, you can stop those services or processes to free the memory and utilize that memory in processes that you want to run. That will boost or speed up the performance of your computer without upgrading the hardware. Earlier also we had shared few tips optimize PC performance through software, but today I am sharing a freeware which is capable of speeding up the performance of your computer by 1.5 times with single click. I am talking about JetBoost, a free software to optimize Windows PC to speed up the performance.

JetBoost does following things in your computer to improve the performance of PC.

  • Close process which are not required to run
  • Clean RAM (Random Access Memory) for better performance
  • Prioritize programs to speed up the start-up process or boot time
  • Free memory by removing the clipboard data


If you want to play a game on your PC which actually consumes so much memory, this software will play an important role in your gaming experience. There is a special Gaming Optimization setting in this software that will optimize your PC to run the game without any interruption or any sluggish behavior. Once you set the optimization mode to “Game” before launching the game on your PC, it will disable all auto-updates, close explorer.exe to release system resources, set the power settings to give you responsive gaming experience. It will also close the normal work services which are not required at the time of gaming on PC.

Restore the stopped services


Once you completed the game on your PC, you can actually restore the system processes and services to make your computer as normal as it was before launching the game. Even when you optimize the PC for “Work” purpose or “Custom” mode, you can restore the system to earlier stage by clicking the “Restore” button. This is helpful if you are facing any issues after optimizing the system with JetBoost.

Other Alternatives to speed up performance of PC

There are lot many third-party software available to boost the performance of your system. Some of them actually tweaks the registry settings of your Windows to improve the experience. For example, Windows Vista users can try Vista Services Optimizer for better experience. Apart from third-party software, Windows itself is having few system tools to optimize the performance of your computer. For example, Disk De-fragmentation can improve the speed of your PC operation. Cleaning the temporary files manually or by using freeware to do so, you can improve the performance of your old computer.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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