Pingdom is an online service or tool to track the downtime, response time of a website. In online business, it is extremely important that your website should be up and running 24×7. But sometimes because of other reasons, websites does face downtime. Pingdom is a service where you can track the downtime of your website.


Now Pingdom has come-up with the Desktop Notifier which will be installed on your computer and show you the green signal for your website in up condition. It will regularly check your site and show the status in system tray. Before the release of Desktop Notifier, Website owner were used to go to the Pingdom Control Panel and see the downtime-uptime reports. Those reports are also available right now, but to check the current status of your site, you don’t need to log-in each and every time on Pingdom Control Center. 

Pingdom Desktop Notifier in System Tray


We had already talked about the response time check with Pingdom tool. That is really helpful in keeping track of the components which takes time to load.

Pingdom offers three different packages based on different requirement. Packages are as below:

  • Free Package
  • Basic Package
  • Business Package

In case of free package, you can add only one site for monitoring and can receive up-to 20 SMS for downtime. This package is free, just download the Desktop Notifier and that will ask you for Email ID, Name, Website URL to create a free account. You can also create an account thru Pingdom Page.

Website URLs in Pingdom Control Panel


Basic/Business Package is for those who are having multiple websites and need to keep a serious track for each of them. In Basic Package, You can add up-to 5 websites for keeping track thru Pingdom. Per month charge for this package is $9.95. Business Package is for a company who own or maintain lot many sites. In business package, one can manage or track 30 sites and 200 SMS alerts on signup. Business Package is for $39.95/month.

Download Pingdom Desktop Notifier for Free

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