mobile_phone_control_computer Most of the mobile phones comes with Bluetooth feature which we uses to transfer pictures from mobile to mobile or mobile to computer. But other than that you can control your computer by using your Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Remote control is a feature inbuilt in some of the Sony and Nokia phones thru which you can play music, movies, Slideshow presentation, Winamp, Windows Media Player etc sitting at a long distance from there. Check under “Entertainment” section of your phone, you will find “Remote Control” over there. Connect your mobile phone with computer using Bluetooth connection and then open a PowerPoint on your computer. Play the slideshow by clicking on “F5” button on keyboard and then onwards you can control the slideshow thru your mobile phone.

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Same way you can play a movie on Windows Media Player and Winamp or your DVD Player on computer. Play, Pause, Stop your music and movie thru your mobile phone.

Those who are having Bluetooth on their phone but not having “remote control” option, can download and install remote control software for mobiles from the link provided here. It is a trial version software which can be used for 30 clicks thru mobile phone.

Download Bluetooth Remote Control 3

Video Demo: Control Computer Using Mobile Phone

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