Sometimes you will see an error while trying to play a video or movie CD on Windows Media Player. Error message say that the file format is not supported on Windows Media Player. Don’t frustrate, as here is a solution to play that video on the same media player. What you need is a codec software. You will have to install a codec software so that your windows media player can play each and every type of audio and video files. For example, AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, OGM, DVD  files, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, MOV, AMV and many more will play smoothly on Windows Media Player.

My favorite codec pack is K-Lite Codec Pack which is available for 32 bit and 64 bits systems. You just need to install K-Lite Codec Pack and then your Windows Media Player will become more and more powerful. K-Lite Codec is also having classic media player which can play lot many audio and video files. Here is the list of supported audio and video files on K-Lite Codec Pack.
Once you will install K-Lite Codec, you can play mobile video formats like 3GP or MMS videos on Windows Media Player.

Go ahead and install K-Lite Codec Pack to make your Windows Media Player the most powerful player on your Windows PC. K-Lite Codec is supported for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download K-Lite Codec Pack 32 bit and 64 bit

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