Webmail services like Gmail is there to check emails from anywhere, but if you want to have your email ID on own domain and don’t want to use Google Apps like service, then you can carry your emails thru portable email clients. Normally we use Microsoft Outlook on our Windows PC to check emails or send or forward one. But thru portable email client, you can check emails by just inserting a pen drive to a new machine anywhere in the world and let your client download the new messages.

email-client-usb-driveIn today’s world of smartphones, we carry our emails with us thru awesome apps available on Android as well as iPhone or BlackBerry phones. But in case you are looking for portable email client, then you may try nPOPuk, which is a very small and easy to use email client for portable devices like flash drive.

You just need to install this small application on your pen drive, and then you can launch the same from there. After the installation, you need to configure the application by adding your email ID and POP settings to receive and send messages.

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Other portable email clients are Reach-a-mail and Mozilla Thunderbird Portable App for USB pen drives. In some cases, web service providers doesn’t provide web mail service, then you can use such portable email clients to get your emails anywhere.

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