Command Prompt is accessible in Windows with CMD command on run box or execute box under Start menu. After so many upgrades of OS, still the default command prompt utility is not much improved but having very basic features. Advance users use command prompt for many purposes like executing a program with root access and lot many other purposes. If you want a better alternative for default command prompt utility in Windows then PowerCMD is much better option.

PowerCMD is a featured rich command prompt alternative for Windows operating system available for free. It will change the way you look ate the command prompt feature or utility in Windows. Whether you want multiple command prompt in tabbed manner or simple way to open the folder in command prompt using your mouse and much more features, then you should try PowerCMD command prompt alternative for default utility in Windows.

Advance Features of PowerCMD Command Prompt

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– You can configure command prompt background, font, enable/disable word wrap, transparency, view/hide line numbers

– Tabbed command prompts when open multiple prompts in same window. Split screen

– Menu on each folder to open that in command prompt

– Windows style text editing window for command prompt

– No loss of work as have auto save logs to save the history in log

– Word Find button to search particular keyword, highlight keyword

– Autocomplete option to complete the command on this utility

Download PowerCMD

If you are bored with the looks and very basic features of Windows default command prompt utility, then you should try this alternative to have the powerful and rich command prompt.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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