Monitors are one of the most energy consuming device in your computer system and if you start taking care of switching off that when you are not around, you can save a lot of energy bills for the month. We have already talked about the calculation of energy consumption on Computers, Monitors etc.

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MonitiorES is a program to automatically turn off the monitor of your PC when you will lock it. monitor_es1That means, when you will hit “Win + L” key to lock your computer, the monitor will also be switched off. It is logical as well, because when you are not around  then there is no need to keep the monitor in ON status. This way you can save a lot in your monthly energy consumption or electricity bill. 

There are lot many other features in this small utility or program. Some of them are as below:

  • Automatically set the status as “Away” in IM when you will lock PC
  • Stop the running media application
  • Mute the Master Volume
  • Start Screensaver


This is useful for your privacy and energy consumption management. Thanks Cumakt for creating this tiny but useful application.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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