Screen sharing is sometime essential to provide remote computer (PC) support to clients and family or friends. In case you are not having your laptop/desktop with you and some urgency came where you need to access your client’s computer screen. You can insert your ready USB flash drive with TeamViewer portable, and you can do that with any computer.

Earlier we had shared the details and how to information about TeamViewer which is a free application for personal usage. For commercial usage, you need to purchase the license. Anyway, if you are doing that for personal use, then you can try installing portable version of TeamViewer which can be installed in USB flash drive. Now once you will insert that flash drive (pen drive) in any computer, you can launch the TeamViewer administrative application from there itself. This will allow you to provide remote desktop support to anyone from any computer.

teamviewer app

You can install other essential portable software on your USB flash drive which may help you at any point of time or in case of travelling. I always recommend to have a master flash drive with you with some important software for different purposes like development, office documentation, zip, favourite browser, instant chat, password manager etc. Go ahead and install TeamViewer portable on your flash drive to carry support platform with you.

Download TeamViewer Portable

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